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Your AI-assistant

for Business

Develop a personalized chatbot, tailored to your specific data and preferences.

Since implementing Maia Business, we've seen a remarkable improvement in our customer service quality and efficiency. Their AI-driven chatbot effortlessly integrated with our existing data, providing personalized and accurate support to our clients. We've noticed a significant reduction in response times and an increase in overall customer satisfaction. Maia Business is truly the future of customer support, and we can't imagine going back to the old way of doing things!

Josep Salgueda


How It Works

Simply upload a PDF or link your website for a personalized, GPT-powered chatbot.

Instant answers 

Forget hunting through manuals or drowning in documents. Maia is your go-to expert, swiftly analyzing your company's resources to deliver precise answers in mere seconds.

Seamless Integration of Any Document

Effortlessly upload diverse materials, from PowerPoints to PDFs, to securely build and tailor Maia's knowledge base for your organization. 

Exceptional Customer Service

Elevate and automate your customer service experience by unlocking the full potential of Maia. Resolve common issues promptly and discover hidden features within your digital tools. 


Innovative Brainstorming and Tailored Suggestions

Harness Maia's ingenuity when you're unsure where to begin. With its ability to recall conversations and understand context, Maia offers fresh perspectives and invaluable insights to fuel your success.

What can Maia do?

Create your chatbot now!

Just upload a document or add a link to your website and get a ChatGPT-like chatbot that can answer any question on it. Then add a chat widget to your website.

Teach it what it needs to know.

Simply provide your domain or document, and let it extract relevant data to enhance its knowledge for engaging conversations.

Personalize for Diverse Applications

Design a custom Maia chat for various purposes such as Marketing, HR, or Support, tailoring its source documents, appearance, and personality to your needs.

Deploy Maia

Pose your questions, train your team, and utilize Maia to save time and money. Seamlessly integrate it into your website, employ it internally, and share it for a well-rounded experience.

Integrates with X

Seamlessly integrate your chatbot with popular platforms such as WhatsApp, your website, and Siri for a truly connected experience.

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