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Our mission is to accelerate the advent of AGI. 

We're devoted to the creation of  safe, fair and useful models.


OptimAI is an artificial intelligence lab that creates products to optimize business processes, boost intelligence and automate decision-making. Our vision is to create the next wave of intelligent systems by reverse-engineering the neocortex and responsibly shape the future of AI.


Our platform will enable businesses,  nonprofits, and academic institutions to make, operate and innovate with AI to accelerate responsible innovation and push the boundaries of what is possible with artificial intelligence. We aim to be a leader in automated machine learning (autoML), multi-task reinforcement learning, and responsible AI.

based in Delaware,

operate globally

OptimAI was founded in 2022 on the principle that in order to succeed in the world’s rapidly evolving data ecosystem, companies - no matter what their industry or size - must use data science, machine learning, and AI to continuously innovate.


One of our main priorities to accomplish such goals is to consolidate a small, highly talented, and motivated research team to explore AI possibilities.

We’re Looking for Innovative Talent

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Meet the Leadership

Albert Salgueda

CEO & Founder

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Antonio Franca

CTO & Founder

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Alex Canadell


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Core Team

Arlo Jenkins

VP Rnd

  • LinkedIn

Bernie Black

VP Product

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Laurent DeAngelo


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Richard White

VP Sales

  • LinkedIn

Danielle Marco


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Artem Gurevich

VP Finance

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