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Sales Specialist



Employment Type



Job Description

We are looking with someone with motivation to learn and contribute to the creation of the next generation of intelligent systems

What do we offer?

– Stable salary for 2 years.
– Hybrid & Remote workspace. Our team is located in Barcelona (main), Amsterdam, and Boston. 
– Growth opportunity: this is the beginning of a great, technically challenging, and exciting career. We will have to be constantly learning in a fast-paced environment, researching and producing solutions in one of the most innovative industries in human history by contributing to the development and deployment of a new approach to AI based on computational neuroscience.
– Option to shares: we are a pre-seed start-up that has attracted clients without any investment.  OptimAI will give the opportunity to a seed investment and proactively engage in the decision-making process.

What You’ll Do

  1. Find market needs, and talk to customers. 

  2. Proactively look for companies that could benefit from implementing AI. Understand the possible ways that AI can improve its profitability or reduce its costs. 

  3. Make a 30-minute intro call to possible leans and convert them into customers.  


​​-Analytical and problem-solving skills.

-Proactive attitude, willing to shake hands with any problem, and willing to solve team player.

-Eager to work as a member of a team and collaborate to ensure the team is successful in its commitments love passionate developers and our team works together bringing ideas into beautiful designs that people love to use. 

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