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UX Designer & Front-end



Employment Type

Permanent, full-time.

Job Description

We are looking with someone with motivation to learn and contribute to the creation of the next generation of intelligent systems

What do we offer?

– Great salary and incentives. 

– Hybrid & Remote workspace. Our team is located in Barcelona (main), Amsterdam, and Boston. 
– Growth opportunity: this is the beginning of a great, technically challenging, and exciting career. 
– Option to shares: we are a pre-seed start-up that has attracted clients without any investment.  OptimAI will give the opportunity to a seed investment and proactively engage in the decision-making process.

What are we looking for?

  1. Experience with UI&UX tools like Figma and Miro. 

  2. Responsibilities in the production of code that uses React Hooks, Context API, React Router

  3. Solid foundation in HTML/CSS

  4. Previous experience with testing (Jest, Cypress, React testing library)

  5. Git knowledge


​​-Analytical and problem-solving skills.

-Proactive attitude, willing to shake hands with any problem, and willing to solve team player.

-Eager to work as a member of a team and collaborate to ensure the team is successful in its commitments

-Turn ideas into beautiful designs that people love to use. 

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